Who’s Jihane Haddou? Who’s me?

Jihane Haddou in High School
Jihane Haddou in adulting
Jihane Haddou in adulting

Looking at my high school photo when I was 17 years old and then looking at my current photo, I guess I haven’t changed much (besides the fact that I obviously look chubbier but let’s not talk about my weight right now and my current photo is the best of 90000 heavily edited selfies I took sooo). It took me a lot of guts to post my current photo because I’ve been struggling with body image lately and it’s been difficult.

Anyhow, I may not have changed much in my appearance but my mind has changed so much that sometimes I miss my super young careless high school brain. No one warned me that when you get in you 20’s, you almost go through an existential crisis. Maybe it’s because I read a lot of philosophy books and I’m just confused but damn. It’s been a ride. Ok, now I am done with my weird intro, here is some normal stuff written in third person:

Jihane Haddou is a GMU graduate who lives between Dubai and Maryland, Her dream was to become a film maker but that never happened, because you know how the culture is. However, as a Java Consultant, she truly adores her job because she is always creative. Jihane loves philosophy, poetry, film and video editing. In her spare time, Haddou makes videos of her family’s important events. She believes that world issues shouldn’t be perceived in black or white thinking, and that we should be more accepting of each other. Jihane also believes that because race is a social construct, we should all learn our similarities and differences. By doing so, we will realize that we all have more in common than we think.